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Account / Password Help

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What are the minimum requirements for accessing the website?

We recommend using Firefox. If you prefer to use Internet Explorer, you need to ensure that you're using at least version 7. The secure area of the AustChoice site will not work with Internet Explorer version 6 or earlier.

To download Firefox for free, go to

To upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer, go to

You should also use a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater.

Why does the AWM secure website only support the listed browsers?

The listed browsers allow for high encryption enabling a much more secure connection. Because of the large number of web browsers available today, we cannot test that all of them work. Instead we have chosen the most popular browsers to be compliant with. While we are confident that most Gecko-based browsers will work, we do not provide a guarantee.

What version of a web browser am I using?

To tell what version of a web browser you are using. Open the browser and then click Help/About. Make a note of the version, any service packs and the encryption. To check if this is a recent version of the web browser you will need to go to the browser's website and check if newer versions are available.

My login has timed out. Why?

For security reasons, after a designated time of inactivity the website will automatically log you off the system. This means that, within the designated time, you can visit other sites and then return to our website without the need to log back in. But after the designated time (ie you have not accessed anything on our website for a period of time) you will automatically be logged off.

The information displayed on my screen is not up to date. Why?

If caching is enabled on your computer then the web page is not necessarily updated each time you visit the site and therefore old information can be displayed. To manually refresh and update the screen you can press the F5 key (or click the Refresh button).

I receive an Acrobat Reader error when opening forms.

The error mentions that I am using an old version of Acrobat Reader and that some information may not be able to be displayed.

If you receive this error we suggest you download the updated version of Adobe Acrobat free from the Adobe website (