About superannuation

About superannuation

Superannuation is more than saving for retirement

It's about your future lifestyle.

Superannuation is a long-term savings vehicle which operates primarily to provide income for retirement. It is an effective way to accumulate wealth in a low tax environment.

Superannuation can also help you maintain your standard of living after you retire by providing you with an income that (in most cases) receives concessional tax treatment. Because superannuation cannot usually be paid out until you retire, it is an excellent way of ensuring greater financial security in your retirement.

Most superannuation plans now offer their members access to a wide range of diversified investments which would not normally be available to them as an individual investor. AustChoice Super provides investors with a wide choice of investment options covering all main asset classes including Australian and international investments.

AustChoice Super offers flexibility and diversity for both individual and corporate investors. It's flexible enough to cater for your needs both while you're accumulating within a super account and while you're drawing down your savings through a pension account.

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